MSI Mystery Shopping
This is not a job. It’s an experience.

What We Do

New to Mystery Shopping? Check this video out!

Mystery Shopping is only one tool of many that consumer research and data analysis companies use to help measure and evaluate the quality of service and satisfaction that consumers experience. It is also used to gather specific information about products and services. Additionally, mystery shopping can be used to uncover employee theft and inventory fluctuations.

Legitimate mystery shopping companies will never charge you a fee. All training, shop guidelines and upcoming shops are provided free for registered shoppers. A pre-arranged payment per shop will be specified and will never be made before a shop has been completed. Most mystery shoppers view this work as a small second income or a way to experience fully reimbursed meals, products or services. 

Industries we serve:
  • Bars
  • Golf Courses
  • Health Care
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Insurance
  • Movie Theaters
  • PR Advertising Firms
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Satellite Companies
  • Storage
  • Wedding Catering Companies
Type of surveys we conduct:
  • Bar
  • Cash Audits
  • Competitor Surveys
  • Dining
  • Hotel
  • Internet
  • Merchandising
  • Phone   
  • Site

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