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About Us


 Who is MSI?

Located in the East Bay of California, Mercantile Systems Inc. has been working in the mystery shopping industry for over 62 years.  Our company was founded in 1954 and remains a family owned business with mystery shopping opportunities world wide.  We originally specialized in loss prevention evaluations and have evolved into other areas such as merchandising, phone, dining, web surveys, and much more.  The companies we evaluate range anywhere from storage facilities, to golf courses and hospitals with our main focus being hotels and restaurants. For decades shoppers have helped us provide feedback to companies that have been vital to the success and growth of the hospitality industry.  We hope that our shoppers experience a positive and unique shopping experience!  

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MSI is a member of the MSPA

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 Payment Information

Your payment and reimbursement will be paid 45 days after your shop date. You will be paid by check.  Please make sure the address listed in your shop log is current so you receive your payment on time.

When checking the status of your payment in your shop log, please be aware that the payment date listed is the day that your payment was processed into our accounting system, however our terms are still 45 days. 

Any payment discrepancies received by our Accounting Department within 90 days will be handled ASAP. Please contact our Accounting Department at: 

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 Contact Us

MSI office hours are 8:30am – 4:30pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday – Friday, observing all major holidays.

Toll-free Line: 888.222.8301

Scheduling Department: 888.222.8301 ext. 13 or

For emergencies only, please call 925.325.9248.  An emergency would be if you have questions regarding a shop that you are completing during non-business hours.  Please respect our request for emergencies only.  

Our staff will always do their best to assist you.  Happy Shopping!

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